What the World thinks about me seems true … IS IT?

Am I Loved? gets at the universal questions of identity, worth, and faith everyone grapples with, along with practical guidance on how to answer them.” 

 – Ron Carucci | Managing Partner Navalent
Harvard Business Review & Forbes Contributor


How Am I Loved has changed lives of people just like you.

What Makes this Process Different?

Who are you? No, not what do you do, who are you?
The reality is that you do who you are. We flip it in our culture and say you are what you do. It’s time to figure out who you are.

“A deeply personal story and a wisely sculpted invitation to challenge those destructive and abusive mantras that play on a loop in our heads. Am I Loved? is a shining light to this searching pilgrim that, beyond the dogma and the drama, maybe God’s identity could simply and literally be love.

 – Sean McConnell, Singer/Songwriter

Caesar Kalinowski | author of Transformed and The Gospel Primer

What we believe about ourselves is shaped most deeply by what we believe about God, and what he says is true of us. But often the truth can be buried under years of lies. In Am I Loved?, Shawn digs down to the roots of unbelief and replaces those lies with the most powerful of all truths.

Brooke Sailer | author of This Thing Called Home

Shawn wastes no time asking one of the most deeply rooted questions of all humanity, “Am I loved?” There is not a single person that wouldn’t benefit from diving into this book and finding the answer. This kind of inner “work” isn’t easy, but Shawn provides a process that leads to a greater sense of purpose.

George Petrie | President & CEO Goodman Real Estate

The phrase in the book, ‘a boy looks for safety and security, expecting others to create it. A man creates safety and security and invites others into it’ spoke to me and I had to look in mirror and ask; “am I a boy or a man…..”  This book gets at those deep, inner, and often unasked questions of “who am I really? And “am I loved?”.  Read it and you’re on your journey to knowing and believing the truth.


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Shawn is a dynamic speaker, blogger and compelling storyteller. For the past 20 years he has mentored emerging leaders, helping them navigate the deeper questions of life. Shawn and Anna have been married for 18 years, and he is a dad to three kids, ages 11,10 and 6.

Shawn and his family live in Seattle, WA where he provides life coaching and spiritual direction for men through www.teleios.org. Shawn holds a BA in Accounting/ Finance and a Masters of Divinity. He loves spending time with his family, hiking, kayaking, fly-fishing; and enjoys inviting others into adventure, connection and rest.